Social Media and Marketing

Farming for the next generation includes Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and many more platforms and potential markets. Information is key and L&F is in full support of providing tangible information about local food systems and some of the methods for growing it. Can you help L&F to push this trend into the long term?

many hands crew

"Many hands make light work" and sometimes we just need an extra hand, no experience necessary, just willingness to get dirty, get some exercise, and to participate first-hand in a new and exciting paradigm shift in local food.

data management and optimization

Advanced agricultural techniques provide an immense amount of data that can be collected, filtered/analyzed, and then turned into tangible information with the power to enrich following generations, a lot like a good compost. L&F looks to integrate new technology and techniques, as well as the innovative principles of the "maker movement," to develop both analog and digital solutions for our growing operations.